Trends to watch for Spring 2016:

Jackets On Jackets

We tend to spend a lot of time extolling layering’s practical benefits. And while there’s no disputing them, layering’s also worth looking at for its stylistic potential. While it might all sound messy on paper, blending different fabrics and patterns, put together properly, it’s the ideal way to clash colours, patterns or textures for a bold statement!

Executing this one properly is about focusing on two things: fabric weights, and complementary cuts. Firstly, to stop yourself from sweltering, choose lightweight layers made from cotton, linen or nylon. Secondly, rather than awkwardly jarring your layers, try a shorter, structured layer on inside, while keeping your exterior layer relaxed in form and slightly longer in length.

Here at London’s Big and Tall Menswear, we have a wide variety of appropriate jackets, sport coats, and sweaters to help you achieve the proper layered look!


Bold Patterns & Floral!

It’s the brave man who’d attempt this rising trend. For a number of seasons we’ve watched floral patterns firmly establish themselves in the industry’s design consciousness, filtering down from catwalk to high street. From intricate hothouse blooms to foliage embroidered jacquards and flora and fauna combinations, it seems every designer is getting in on the floral renaissance movement.

At London’s Big and Tall Menswear, you can find an array of floral and bold patterned shirts to spice up your rather dull, drab, and lifeless winter wardrobe. It is time to embrace colour and change!


The last few spring/summer seasons have seen menswear designers reinvent this eye-catching style with a contemporary cut and a new wave of bold patterns and colour combinations. A confident and effortless way to add a healthy dose of summer inspiration to your wardrobe!

Fun Accessories!

The men’s accessories market again proves that the sky is not the limit for head-turning novelty. Make a statement with a bold bow tie, floral or paisley tie, pocket square, a sharp shoe, and more! It’s all in the details! Shades, belts, cuff links…this is the perfect way to make any outfit unique. Spring is all about getting over those winter blues and welcoming summer and the warm weather with open arms! What better way to encourage the blossoming trees than to sport some floral bow ties !?



London’s Big and Tall Menswear has a unique way of blending style and performance! With a wide range of golf apparel from our Summerfields line or your favourite Callaway line! You can shop for both men and WOMEN’S golf on our affiliate store http://www.summerfields.ca. Everything from polos, shorts, vests, pants, and long sleeve knits are available to keep you looking sharp and fierce on the greens!



Shop for the Holidays!

1 week left ladies and gentlemen! Come into London’s Big and Tall Menswear today for last minute stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, and New Years outfits!

We have a wide range of accessories and stocking stuffers readily available in store and on-line!  Why not go with a funky patterned sock! Our mission is to provide you with the finest and most luxurious hosiery that you will love to wear. Our socks are designed and crafted from the finest materials for ultimate comfort and durability.

Not a sock guy? Try a genuine leather belts from California or a hand made 100% silk tie and pocket square from New York City! Switch things up with a Canadian made Magill hat! Magill has been making hats in Montreal for the past 60 years. They have also been in the cap business 45 years. They carry many qualities of wool & fur felts as well as a wide range of tweeds for caps.

Being a well dressed man all comes down to the fine details. That’s why our tie clips will be a great finishing touch available in different styles to suit your preference. Finish it off with a genuine bison leather wallet or money clip!

Offer some ultra stylish cuff links to that special man in your life. Your lover, your brother, your best friend, everyone will adore the masculine design of these Big and Tall cuff links.

Whatever you need to finish off your Christmas shopping come find it here at London’s Big and Tall Menswear.


Accessorize with London’s Big and Tall Menswear!


At London’s Big and Tall Menswear, we have a wide variety of mens accessories ranging in different sizes. We carry winter hats, gloves, sunglasses, tie clips, long ties, big and tall sized bow ties, cuff links, money clips, pocket squares, fancy/funky socks, scarves, wallets, belts, suspenders, shoes and more! Take your outfit to the next level with your own personal touch!

Reason #1 You’ll Save Money

You may be wondering why adding more to your shopping list will save you money. Here’s the reason: The more accessories you own, the less clothing you will have to buy, it’s that simple. Why? Well, for the most part, a man’s wardrobe is basics driven; it’s the accessorizing that changes up the looks. The more accessories you have (which are often cheaper in price than clothing and can be worn multiple times per week) are what change up your look. So, imagine having one suit that you can accessorize four different ways simply with a shoe change or different tie and pocket square. This will cost you a lot less than having multiple stand alone outfits that can’t be changed up through your accessories.

Reason #2 You’ll Save Time

If accessorizing is an additional step, how exactly will it save time, you’re wondering?  Most of London’s Big and Tall Menswear clients are busy men. Time is saved via accessorizing because you can go for trusted and basic outfits that you know work and use the accessories to change up the looks and make them more interesting.  Accessories can give one piece in your wardrobe multiple looks. This takes a lot less time than the time you spend staring at your closet trying to figure how to put whole new outfit together. Have some easy, yet interesting accessories on hand that are fail-safes and will always work. If you can have at least these in your arsenal of accessories, you’ll always have accessories on hand that work and make an outfit.  Time is saved and you look good.

Reason #3 You’ll Stand Out

Tired of blending in? It’s your lack of accessorizing that is making it happen. Imagine you and another man were standing side-by-side, both wearing a pair of tailored pants and a button down shirt. The one who is going to stand out is going to be the person who chooses an interesting pair of shoes and finishes his look with a paisley tie, tie clip, or fancy cuff links If you want to stand out, accessorize. 11210474_10153243271613334_9149800165346674572_nWhen you accessorize, you can wear your versatile basics without being boring.

Browse our on-line store!

London’s Big & Tall London’s Menswear is Canada’s fastest growing independent retailer of QUALITY big and tall men’s clothing. Though we not be part of any chain, our website allows everyone access to our stores inventory, regardless of location. We ship WORLDWIDE!

Pros of shopping on-line at London’s Big and Tall Menswear:

1. When purchasing a pair of pants, we STILL do the hemming no charge. Simply leave us a note in the comments section when placing an order and we will gladly alter them to the appropriate in-seam before shipping.

2. Free shipping on expedited Canadian orders of 295.00 or more!

3. Call us if you have any questions! New to technology? Not familiar with a brand or product? We will talk you through the website start to finish to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed!

4. We will do our best to help you process your order. We accept email transfers, over the phone orders, debit visa orders, master card and visa!

5. Everything we have in store is available on line. This ensures you the same product selection and diversity as those who are in store.

6. If we are out of stock of an item, we try our best to find you a suitable substitution!

7. We can do OVERNIGHT shipping if a product is needed asap. Our normal shipment days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

8. We have an affiliate store, http://www.summerfields.ca You can shop a wider range of both REGULAR and BIG AND TALL sizing for both MEN and WOMEN.


“I received my order this afternoon, in record time, most excellent service thank you. And the quality of the products exceeds my expectations. I find that usually with larger sized products, the quality is average, the prices are high, but in this case the quality is excellent. I will definitely be ordering again.”

“Thank you for your great service. The first time I dealt with you I actually telephoned and you gave me so much information about socks. A number of businesses would not have given that much detail nor have been as friendly if I were ordering a Cashmere jacket, let alone a few pair of socks. That speaks volumes to the pride you have in your business and the value you place on customer service.”

“My order was received yesterday. My spouse loves all the items. Thank you very much. It’s so nice to have somewhere to get excellent quality large size clothes!”

“I must say that the quality of service I received was top notch, I have rarely been as satisfied with a company as I am with yours.”

“Fantastic! The customer service has been incredible, thanks so much! We will be shopping with your store throughout the year!”

“I just received my order this morning and wanted to thank you for the prompt service as well as the customer care and courtesy displayed in all your communications.”

“Excellent Service should be rewarded with repeat business. Hence Big & Tall London’s Menswear is our first choice for clothing as required. It’s refreshing to deal with a company who understands customer service like you do!”

SHOP TODAY! http://www.bigandtall.on.ca

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Why you should shop at London’s Big and Tall Menswear!

I often have customers come in and ask why they should shop here, at London’s Big and Tall Menswear, or what the main differences are between our local company and the big chain stores such as Mr. Big and Tall or Channers Menswear.. it was hard for me to give a simple answer to this…thus begins my rant:

Support your local Business’s:
London’s Big and Tall Menswear is a local independent company that was started over 20 years ago by Brad Skinner. A man who was born and raised in London Ontario. It is not part of any big and tall chain like many of our competitors. Tip Top Tailor, Channers, Mr. Big and Tall, etc..are for the most part, all run by the same corporate office. When you shop at London’s Big and Tall Menswear, you are not supporting an american franchise, you are not supporting a large chain of already wealthy business’s, you are supporting a local company. In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage. Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centres, linking neighbours in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes. Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do. Local stores in town centres require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls. Supporting your local, CANADIAN business’s is truly the best way to go to grow your economy and community.

Product Diversity:
A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices. This is exactly what you get at London’s Big and Tall Menswear. As mentioned above, a lot of our competitors are all owned by the same company…there fore, all stores carry essentially the same products…varying slightly in sizes or styles. At London’s Big and Tall Menswear, our selection of clothing is forever changing. What is amazing about working here is that if you find something on the web or have a certain brand or style of clothing you are looking for..we go above and beyond to get you that product in STORE. We often place speciality orders for customers to ensure we are meeting their needs and demands. We offer a wide range from new and modern styles, such as tapered pants and funky patterned tops, to classic cuts and fits, like pleated fronts, cuffed bottoms, and double breasted jackets. No matter what your age or size, we can accommodate everyone. Our size selection is not comparable to that of any other store. We carry everything from a Large Tall up to a 10X..pants beginning at 30″ waist and continue up to 78″ waist. This is a one stop shop. We have everything from underwear, pyjamas, and sweat pants..all the up to french cuff dress shirts and custom suits. Where else can you find this much product diversity for men?

The Tailor Shop:
In this day and age, everything extra costs MORE..oh you want an extra pickle on your burger? That will cost you..You want an extra side of salsa for your nachos? That will cost you. You want a refill on your juice? That will cost you. Here at London’s Big and Tall, that is not our policy. When making a purchase on regular priced items, all alterations are included and are of no extra cost to you. We have a professional Tailor on site Monday through Friday who is here to wait on you hand and foot to ensure you leave with clothes that fit your exact body type and shape. This includes, tapering of jackets, hemming of pants, shortening of sleeves on either shirts or coats, taking in the waist, letting out fabric, adding buttons for suspenders, etc. This is all done at NO EXTRA COST. How often does that happen!? We also offer dry cleaning so you can make sure that all those fancy expensive clothes you buy are kept in the best condition possible! Orr Cleaners uses a natural petroleum solvent, they do not use perchlorethylene, and they use a 4th generation dry cleaning machine which reclaims the solvent so it is not lost into the atmosphere. They operate well below the EPA standard for air pollution. The solvent is filtered through 4 filters after every load and after cleaning textiles or garments which are heavily soiled, the solvent is filtered through 2 additional filters for a total of 6 filters. Trust your cleaning to the experts! You can visit http://www.thetailorshop.ca and see a list of all our services provided!

We Give Back to the Community:
When we have product that is no longer suitable for sale, example, something snags or has some sort of flaw that would make it unfit for sale to our customers, we donate all these products to the homeless. We gather old, out dated products, slightly damaged products, or returned items that are unfit for re sale, and we donate them to a local charity that gives clothes to those in need who are living on the streets. It is not donated to companies, like Value Village, who turn and make a profit of our goods, but instead, it is given DIRECTLY to those who are in need of clothes. Brad, the owner of this thriving company, also gives back to local charity events and is known for sponsoring local events.

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Reasons To Start Shopping For Fall NOW

Now’s the perfect time to use these last few summer weekends to pick up your fall gear, from wool sweaters to down jackets to tweed trousers, to, yes, even topcoats. Here’s why:

1. All of the Best Gear Is in Store Now!
Right now London’s Big and Tall Menswear Fall 2015 Collections are making their way into store each and every day. The best of the best from high-end designers like Luchiano Visconti, Jack Victor, S. Cohen, 2205 Ink, and Sanyo is yours for the taking, but only for a brief time. That means come October, that 100% Cashmere Trench Coat you were drooling over now will almost surely be gone in your size. Waiting for things to go on sale can be cost-effective, but can literally leave you out in the cold.

2. Shopping for Cold Weather Gear Sucks When It’s Cold Outside
Heading to the store for a new coat when you need a new coat is a perfect recipe for copping something you don’t really want, but buy out of desperation. The same goes for cold weather gear like hats, gloves, and scarves. You want to buy your winter essentials—the stuff that separates the stylish from the swagless— when you can think clearly about which ones are going to look best on you come winter. At London’s Big and Tall Menswear, we have a wide selection of Gloves, Scarves, Sunglasses, Coats, and Shoes..EVERYTHING you will need to get you through the cold winter months!

3. It Gives You a Chance to Return Items
Buying stuff early also allows you to sit on all your new purchases and reflect, deciding whether or not they were actually wise choices. At the end of the season, you may hold onto that insanely ugly sweater either because it was on sale (and thus non-returnable), or because you’re simply too lazy to brave the cold to bring it back to the store. At London’s big and Tall Menswear, we do FULL refunds or exchanges on products within 30 days of being purchased..As long as it has not been washed/worn and tags are still on! If you have changed your mind, we are here to help you pick out something you love! It is NEVER to late!

4. Tim Won’t Be Able to Say You’re Jacking His Style
Every crew has a Tim the guy who thinks very highly of his personal style and is always dishing out unsolicited style advice. If you buy your fall clothes now, come November he won’t be able to say that you only bought X jacket or Y suit because you saw him wear it. Take that, Tim! At London’s Big and Tall Menswear we will help you develop your own unique style so you stand out from everyone else! 


5 Clothing Fit Tricks Every Guy Should Know

1. The shoulder into Wall Trick

  • What it does: Prevents someone from buying a suit jacket or blazer that’s too big
  • How to do it: Put on the suit jacket, blazer, or sportcoat. With the outside of your shoulder facing a wall, slowly lean into the wall. If the shoulder pad strikes first then scrunches up before your shoulder gets there, it’s too big. You want a jacket where your shoulder and the pad strike the wall at almost the exact time. The less pad overhang the better.
  • London’s Big & Tall Menswear has a large selection of both Tall, Portly Regular, or Portly Long Suits, and sport coats, so we can find the perfect fit for you! Shop all Dresswear HERE.


2.  The Hug Test

  • What it does: Keeps your torso comfortable and your seams from bursting.
  • How to Do it: For shirts, suit jackets, blazers, etc… put the garment on and take a look in the mirror. Now pretend you’re going to hug someone. If it feels like you’re going to burst at the seam and go all hulk-smash, then it’s not a good fit. Try a size up, or, a different brand;
  • London’s Big & Tall Menswear has a wide array of dress shirts to choose from, so if one brand doesn’t fit, don’t fret, we have plenty of different styles and brands to choose from! Shop all Dress Shirts HERE

3. Curled Fingers for Jacket Length

  • What it does: Helps you figure out what jacket length is best for you.
  • How to do it: With the suit jacket, blazer, or sport coat on, let your arms hang relaxed at your sides. Curl your fingers as if you were about to grab the handles of a wheel barrow. Your jacket tail should come to rest right in that crevice your fingers have made. If its all bunched up, the jacket’s too long. If it’s dangling an inch or so short, it’s too short.
  • The staff at London’s Big & Tall Menswear will help ensure you have the right size jacket that fits just perfectly in all regards.

4. The Fingers for Collar-Size Trick

  • What it does: Prevents strangulation
  • How to do it: Button the shirt all the way up and stick a finger or two between your neck and the collar. There’s some debate on this. Some sources claim if you can comfortable fit more than one finger in=between the collar and your neck, it’s too big. Others say two fingers but no more. The goal is to have no noticeable gaps when buttoned, all while not suffocating.

5. Armhole/Handshake Test

  • What it does:  Helps you find a jacket that won’t fight you while you’re wearing it.
  • How to do it: Plenty of affordable blazers and suit jackets come with absurdly large armholes. Like, flying squirrel large. The lower the armhole dips down on the jacket, the more likely it is to shift and move, as your arms pulls at the body of the jacket. Stand in front of a mirror with the jacket on. Pretend like you’re about to shake someone’s hand. If the jacket raises up and bucks like a marionette with its strings being pulled, then you might want to find a brand with higher armholes.

A suit and dress shirt that fit right, make any man look clean and put together. London’s Big & Tall Menswear has many suits and sportcoats to choose from and our friendly staff will be more than delighted to help you find the perfect fit for you! Drop by today at 2205 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario. Or visit us online at www.bigandtall.on.ca